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Crossroad Culture

A Multicultural Community

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This community was created with multiculturalism and people of diverse/mixed ethnic heritage in mind. However, everyone is welcome, regardless of their own heritage. We only ask that topics concern (or at least somewhat lean toward) multiculturalism, ethnicity, or more or less any of the interests listed below.

The "normal" rules for etiquitte apply. Please, don't be a jackass! ;-)

aborigines, acceptance, activism, adaptation, africa, afro-caribbean, animism, anthropology, anti-colonialism, anti-globalization, anti-imf, anti-nafta, anti-racism, armenia, art, asia, australia, awareness, biracial, black, books, canada, caribbean, chicago, chicano, china, cis, cities, citizenship, civilization, cnn, coins, colonialism, community, creoles, culture, diasporas, diversity, dual citizenship, ethnic, ethnic identity, ethnic unrest, ethnicity, europe, european union, exiles, expatriates, first nations, flags, frantz fanon, genealogy, generations, geography, germany, globalization, half-caste, history, holland, homeland, human rights, hybrids, hyphens, imf, immigrants, immigration, incense, indentity, independence, india, indigenous rights, international relations, interracial, jamaica, japan, la raza, languages, latino, learning, los angeles, lost civilizations, lost white tribes, mediterranean sea, mexico, miami, middle east, minorities, mixed blood, mixed heritage, multicultural, multiculturalism, multiracial, museums, music, mutts, mythology, nafta, nation-states, nationalism, nationless peoples, nations, native peoples, nato, new guinea, new york city, newspapers, north america, oceania, origin, paisanos, physical anthropology, pidgin, politics, pride, race, reading, russia, south africa, south america, southeast asia, stateless, teens, texas, the commonwealth, third world, tolerance, tradition, travel, trinidad, uk, united nations, unity, usa, voice, washington, white, world cuisine, world music, world religions